Pete Pallares

Pete Pallares, is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Social Dynamics. Active in the field of autism and developmental disabilities for over 19 years, Pete has devoted much of his time working in research, diagnosis, and the treatment of autism across different cultures. As CEO, Pete oversees a team of highly qualified professionals develop and implement individualized treatment programs for children and families diagnosed with autism utilizing the principals of applied behavior analysis and the cultural context within their geographical location. Pete has provided intervention programs for a wide range of patients from high-functioning children to very challenging individuals. His specialization includes unpacking and analyzing cultural dynamics within a setting, an environment, or an individual. Pete is an annual presenter and his work in cultural competence has been internationally recognized. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, he spends time in his native country and the Bay Area helping families affected with autism. Pete is currently an active member and presenter for the California Association for Behavioral Analysis (CAI-ABA) and has also been an associate to important autism research studies conducted by the Department of Public Health and Kaiser Permanente.

Jonathan Doctor

Jonathan Doctor is a founder and managing partner of Denovo Healthcare Partners and brings years of experience in the healthcare delivery and healthcare technology industries. Besides his active involvement in Denovo, Jonathan has served as President, Managing Member, and Director, Centers for Advanced Medicine, LLC; President, Chief Operations and Financial Officer for The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute; and Managing Director for The Angeles Clinic Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing cancer research and education throughout the nation. According to Jonathan, “It’s an honor and privilege to play a role in an autism organization that makes such an impact on the lives of children and families dealing with autism. I plan on leveraging my years of experience in healthcare services to help navigate the complex healthcare market for continued profitable growth and scale.”

Roland Montemayor

Roland Montemayor is a recently retired educator with more than 25 years’ experience in higher education administration. During his tenure in the California Community College system, Roland served in a number of leadership roles which included Vice President of Student Affairs; Acting President; the dual role of Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Vice President of Students Affairs; and in various dean positions. However, his most cherished positions were his faculty and classified positions where he was able to work directly with students and their families.
Roland was and is a champion for underserved communities and efforts which directly impact these communities are close to his heart. During his career, he provided leadership to create a zero cost food market and discounted transportation for thousands of students, expanded services and career paths to neurologically diverse students and hosted the first Historically Black College and University Caravan at San Jose City College. Roland continues his advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion and volunteers in various non-profit organizations. He is honored to be involved in the outstanding work of Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation.

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