What We Do

Here at the PPF

The PPF is a 501c3 charitable organization committed to reduce poverty by empowering under resourced communities. We promote initiatives and public policies that produce thriving communities and an equitable society. We are dedicated to enhancing support and services for neurodiverse individuals throughout our communities. Our most important goal is to influence meaningful change in support to our neuro-diverse population. Everyone deserves a full life.

Food Security

Food security is a big item in the PPF agenda. We define food insecurity as the disruption of food intake or eating patterns because of lack of money and other resources. Also, insecurity characterized by the lack of access to nutritious, safe, and sufficient quality food. The PPF is committed to Increase quality of food security services.

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International Support

The PPF works around the globe to respond to disparities around us, save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice. We believe that meaningful civic engagement is an antidote to inequity; civic engagement can empower underrepresented and marginalized communities to claim their voice, claim space, influence decisions that affect them, and hold governments accountable. Our work is to help them thrive.

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Supporting Our Community

The PPF believes that affordable housing can be a platform for transformational change at the individual, family and neighborhood level. For families, securing affordable housing supports economic and social stability, which enables families to gain self-sufficiency and independence and can lead to greater prospects for mobility and improved quality of life.

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Mental & Behavioral Health

Promoting physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and social well-being (to adapt and self-manage) is essential to human development. The Pedro Pallares Foundation believes that all people should have access to high quality, affordable health care that meets their specific needs. We are her to guide people through the complexity of the healthcare system.

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The PPF provides scholarships to neuro-diverse and under-resourced communities to support their higher education attainment and academic success. The Pedro Pallares Foundation views access to higher education as a source of empowerment and equity and is proud of its partnership with local colleges and universities.

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Sports Camps

We are committed to valuing, respecting, and incorporating Equity, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion among everyone at the PPF and among every individual, organization and community where we work. We seek to help everyone attain their fullest potential in pursuing our organization's mission and vision. The PPF will extend the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to all sectors of society through its programs, donations and sustainable initiatives for under-resourced and neuro-diverse communities.

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What We Believe

Here at the PPF we envision a fair, just and democratic society in which the common good is recognized as a high priority, where we help provide a voice and value to those most in need; where our society has equitable systems; and where all people enjoy equal justice, full inclusion and fair treatment including those principles of social justice.

We also envision philanthropy at its best, contributing to this vision of society, by operating with the highest standards of integrity and openness, and by investing in people and communities with the least wealth, power and opportunity.

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